In this third session, we see that God has a mission to see all of creation flourish in glory and shalom, and He sent His Son on a rescue mission to save the world. He now invites people to join with Him in working for glory and shalom to expand and see others join the mission of God.

The real Jesus is sent on a mission, with a purpose from God the Father to:

not delivering guilt, but delivering grace.
not taking you out of purpose, but giving you ultimate, eternal purpose.
not condemning you, but loving you.
not leaving you, but coming close to you.
not saving you alone, but bringing you into a new family.

Because of this:

We can deliver grace to others.
We can help others with purpose.
We can love others.
We can come close to others.
We can be a part of a local family of faith.

This is the real mission, of the real Jesus, for you.

Here are some additional resources to consider the real mission of the real Jesus for yourself:

  • The Mission of God in the Scriptures - Phillip Nation

  • The Epitaph of Karen Watson - Karen Watson

  • ReNewed Creation: The End of the Mission of God - Michael Goheen

  • Joining a Missionary God - Ed Stetzer

  • To explore the mission of God throughout the Scriptures, read:

    • Genesis 1-2 to see how God’s mission for the world was for Adam and Eve to express His image (and glory) and created in perfect harmony, shalom, and flourishing.

    • John 3:17 to see how God’s heart and mission for the world is to save us, not condemn us.

    • 1 Peter 3:18 to see the purpose of Christ was to bring us to God and restore us back

    • Galatians 4:4-7 to see that God’s mission to bring us back not only gives us salvation, but gives us a family and gives us a Dad.