260 Hillcrest Drive
Clarksville, TN 37043

What to Expect

Walking into a new church can be terrifying. Not knowing what to expect, when to stand or sit, or encountering unknown customs can be a hindrance to joining us. We want to remove all barriers and help you know what to expect if you join us at one of our Gatherings.


We corporately worship God through song at our Gatherings. Our songs are carefully selected, theologically vetted by our staff, and carefully introduced over weeks at a time. We seek to ensure that the form of the song (it’s beauty, cadence, tone, rhythm, and beat) matches the function of the song (to remind us of the truth of the Gospel and especially emphasize the work of God on our behalf).

We encourage you to express yourself based on your personality and uniqueness! Feel free to clap, sing loudly, raise your hands, and engage with these songs in a way that allows you to worship Jesus in a way that connects with you!


We have a dedicated time at each Gathering to learn from the Scriptures by preaching. Preaching is the communication of God’s Word to others in such a way as they can understand and respond to His truth.

We encourage you to ask God to help you truly hear the word, help you believe it, and to change you through His Holy Spirit. Please reject the impulse to think “someone else needs to hear this”, but rather humbly consider your life and areas you need to grow in.

Also, feel free to say “Amen”, “preach”, “yes”, or other words of affirmation. We only ask you write your questions down and save any back-and-forth interaction with the expositor until after the Gathering.


We remember the death and resurrection of Jesus each week at the end of each sermon. Any person who is a follower of Jesus may join us in this special act. During this time, you are welcome to come up as you feel ready, ripping a piece of bread (signifying our participation in the death of Christ’s body) and dipping it in the juice (signifying the shedding of Christ’s blood for the forgiveness of sins).

We encourage you to refrain from taking communion quickly or flippantly, but rather pray, consider the work of Christ on your behalf, and even take communion together as a family. Many heads of households or friends pray and take communion together and we encourage this practice.

We ask that anyone who is not yet a follower of Jesus to refrain from taking communion, we don’t want to encourage people to be fake. We also ask that any followers of Jesus who have a conflict with another Christian to first reconcile and then participate.


We give generously at our Gatherings. We believe that everything is God's and He has graciously given us all things. Because of this, we sacrificially offer a small portion of what we have received back to Him as an act of worship. This is a tangible expression of our faith in our Heavenly Father to provide all things for us and an acknowledgement that we are simply stewards of His provisions.

Because many are confused and some have been hurt by either an in-attention or an over-attention to the concept of stewardship, we intentionally have a time of reading and response surrounding the giving each week. This provides safety and clarity, and also a time for those to give online to participate in the corporate act of giving as well.

We encourage you to engage and participate with us in the reading and response, and give generously out of what God has already given to you


We serve one another at our Gatherings. It takes volunteers on various teams to ensure our time together is well-cared for, and we facilitate opportunities to serve our church family through various teams:

- Setup/Teardown
- HopeKids
- Greeting
- A/V

We encourage any regular attender to jump in and serve!