About Josh + Rachel

We believe that God has redeemed and called us together for a reason that extends beyond ourselves.

We see that many people seek to satiate their desire for a Savior with lesser gods such as health, success, financial security, intellectualism, or religiosity, and we’re carrying the name of Jesus to the people in our proximity.

But our vision doesn’t stop there. We’re equipping others to know Jesus personally and intimately, follow Jesus by receiving and responding to His Gospel, and be missionaries to show and tell the Gospel to others.

We believe we’ve been redeemed by God to be a catalyst of hope to others and are responding to His call to spark a movement of disciple-making missionaries that will form together into a church in Clarksville, TN.


God has a mission since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden.

He redeemed a people to be His own, that’s the Church. And His plan to renew the world now includes this new chosen people to join with Him. Jesus has given His followers a message of love and salvation, and then He uses them to show and tell other people that God loves them unconditionally.

Jesus’ Church is His megaphone for the world.

Because of this, we believe that God has placed us in Tennessee to start a new church that focuses on three things:


We are forming a new community who will live life on the front lines of discipleship, mission, and service in their neighborhoods and the world.

Why Clarksville

Why Clarksville.png

Support + Worship

We have been blessed with many gifts out of God's grace.  As we have been blessed, so we are called to be a blessing to others.

It is a lifelong journey to learn how to care for the things God has given us. This lifelong journey is called worship. Rachel and I are going to ask that you prayerfully consider stewarding a small portion of what God has given you to supporting us through your time, relationships, or finances. We need funding to plant a church, especially as we help new Christians learn the value of tithing and teach them how to worship Jesus with all He has given them.

Ultimately, we believe Jesus is the source and substance of all support and provision.  He will raise our support team, and it’s our job to faithfully share the vision with as many people as possible!

If Jesus calls you to support us, it becomes a partnership between us for the Good News of Jesus. You are joining in the work God is doing and will do in Clarksville.

As we make disciples and plant churches, so do you!

Join the Team

  1. PRAY  |  Commit to being on our special prayer team that intercedes for us on a weekly basis and during special events.
  2. GIVE  |  Prayerfully consider a consistent, monthly donation to fund our ministry as we plant this church.
  3. RECOMMEND  |  Suggest 3-5 people who might be interested in hearing this vision and partnering with us.
  4. JOIN  |  Move to Clarksville and join our launch team!